Opinion Piece: Glee-Ships

We all know Glee has had a lot of different relationships. The couples have varied from ‘who would have known?’ couples to some who have had chemistry from the start. Most Gleeks refer to them by their ship names (Finchel, Samcedes, to list a few). Often fans create ships between characters who aren’t canon- meaning they aren’t in a committed  relationship. A lot of people think these made up relations are silly until they get caught up in one themselves. Klaine(Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel’s ship name) is, in my opinion, the best Glee couple over all.

Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson’s relationship is referred to as Klaine, Blurt, Kurt CoBlaine, or to some Tumblr fans, Klainebows. I think they are the best of all couples throughout the shows history. But, I am not the only one who thinks this couple is remarkable. In a 2012 twitter survey, Klaine was voted “Cutest Glee Relationship” among fans. Ever since the ‘Never Been Kissed’ episode Gleeks have been commenting in the Glee Community that the Klaine Relationship should go further than the mentor/friend status. The two became very close friends until season two episode ‘Original Songs’ when they officially became a couple after 10 episodes. The Glee Community was very happy and surprised about the sudden storyline posting excited reactions to the Klaine scene on social networks. After that episode fans have been grouping together finding their fellow “Klainers” and in a 2011-2012 Twitition asking how many tweeters were part of team Klaine, there was over 10,000 signatures.

Another reason why they are one of the best Glee-ships is because they are actually canon. Some of the the other top ships for Glee are ships between too people who would never really have a chance. In the Fandom fans make a bunch of different ships such as Faberry(Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry) and hope that their ship will become a relationship on the show. In most cases they never do, but in others reach the writers and become Glee reality. In season two Blaine and Kurt met in the sixth episode. As soon as Blaine Anderson started singing ‘Teenage Dream’, the new ship(Klaine) started spreading across the social networks. Soon in the sixteenth episode of the season the Klaine shippers dreams had come true. Kurt and Blaine are still canon in the eighteenth episode of the third season.

Reason number three, Kurt and Blaine are one of the strongest couples on Glee. Kurt and blaine have been together as a couple for 25 episodes straight. They are in second place for longest standing relationship in Glee history. The Tina Cohen-Chang and Mike Chang (no relation) relationship is on the top of the list in that category, but they don’t have the higher rate of fans.Despite their small fight in the “Dance with Somebody” Whitney Huston tribute show, Blaine and Kurt have otherwise been the couple to stay strong, together. Some examples of relationships that haven’t been so luck are Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry who have been an on and off couple since season one, but aren’t anywhere near being Glee’s strongest couple. Another, Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans who were said to have had a summer fling but broke it off before the next season started. Sam came back in the third season and is still trying to get Mercedes back into his arms.

So there you have it, in Glee fans and writers many attempts at making a solid relationship, Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson are known as the strongest and cutest (and canon) couples of Glee’s history.

Resources- Glee Wiki: Blaine and Kurt Relationship, http://glee.wikia.com/wiki/Kurt-Blaine_Relationship


Poll #4

  We finally get to my Klaine! Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson met each other in second seasons ‘Never Been Kissed’ episode. Blaine was originally a mentor type friend to Kurt but they still showed the feelings. In ‘Original Song’ Blaine and Kurt shared their first kiss and became official. Kurt and Blaine have been in a steady relationship despite their small conflict in season three’s ‘Dance with Somebody’ the Glee Whitney Huston Tribute episode. Klainers unite and vote to the top!

Poll #3

  Brittany and Santana had been referred to as best friends in season one. They have been an official couple since ‘Pot O’ Gold’ episode. Brittana fans vote away.

Poll #2

  Tina and Mike have been a couple since the summer before the second season. they are the only couple to stay together for more than one season. So if you love McTina Cohen Chang-Chang, vote away.

Poll #1

   Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry have been together (on and off) since the end of season one. In the most resent season Finn proposed to Rachel and they are still yet to get married. So here you go Finchel fans! vote away!!!

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March 23, 2012

The last Glee “On My Way” was a pretty intense episode. We were surprised by Dave Karofsky’s attempt to commit suicide and that scene I have to say took a toll on me. Between “Cough Syrup” (Sung by Blaine) and the suicide sequence, I don’t know who wouldn’t cry. Max Adler and Darren Criss did an awesome job on it!

The New Directions went against the Warblers and the Golden Goblets for regionals. Singing a mash-up of “Fly” and “I Believe I Can Fly”, “Here’s To Us” and “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” they won the competition!

Though, the show wasn’t all fun. After the competition, we go to the Finchel wedding. As we know, Rachel’s dads and Finn’s mom and Burt are trying there hardest to get them out of getting married. Whilst everyone else is at the wedding, Quinn is still trying to get there when Rachel is texting her. If you saw the show you must know what happens next…

…If you didn’t, I guess I have to tell you. While Quinn was texting Rachel back, WHILE DRIVING, She got in a car accident. And like all shows that are trying to egg on there fans, the show ends in a TO BE CONTINUED.

sadly the next episode isn’t until April 10. But in this episode we get to met Blaine’s brother, which explains the episode name “Big Brother”. I pretty sure his name is Cooper Anderson. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry! I don’t know why he is appearing and it kind of freaks me out to think about it!

Well i may add some pictures later.


Blaine and Kurt during “Let it Snow” in Third seasons Christmas Episode.

“The Spanish Teacher”

So I’m trying to make a habit of posting every Wednesday. If you watch Glee you’ll understand why I chose Wednesdays.

This weeks Glee had Ricky Martin is a guest star and plays David Martinez. In my opinion, him and Santana’s duet was awesome! Mr.Shue’s  number on the other hand, not so much. Let me do a quick summary of the show.

Mr.Shue’s Spanish teaching ability was questioned by one of his students after doing his annual “La Cucaracha” Him and a few other teachers are up for the 10 Year promotion so he tried to improve his own Spanish by going to night school. While at night school he meets David Martinez. David explains his job situation and how he would love to help out with Glee club learning Spanish which is just a way to help Mr.Shue get the 10 Year.

Sue decides that she is going to have a baby and is trying to get some of the Glee boys and Mr.Shue to help her…. awkward. Everyone is against her decision at first but by the end of the episode some of them were happy for her (including Will, Emma, and Becky Jackson) Sue and The swim coach are also up for the 10 Year position.

David comes into Glee club the next day to teach the students about speaking Spanish but ends up singing a Spanish translated version of LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It.  Of coarse all of the girls (and Kurt) are drooling over him. But who wouldn’t? He becomes a big hit with the Glee club and they do Spanish inspired songs for the weekly assignment. Santana gets Mr.Shue and David to duel at who does the better Spanish song.

As you know Sam and Mercedes shared a little kiss during last weeks “Michael” episode and Mercedes and Sam explain to Emma that she is confused about who she should be with. Sam or Shane. Emma tells them that since they are trying to listen to their hearts that they shouldn’t talk for a whole week. Including over text, Facebook, and Twitter after Sam Tweets #MercedesSmellsGood and ended up actually trending in real life! Which was AMAZING!!

McKinley’s swim coach threatens to take Sue’s job and tells her she shouldn’t have a baby because she is too old.

Finchel time. So if you have been watching glee lately you would know that Finn proposed to Rachel and, she said yes. Rachel finally decides to tell Kurt and Mercedes who are way less than happy about it during a sleepover.

Mercedes and Sam (since there is no talking aloud) sing to each other their feelings.Mercedes singing “Don’t Wanna Lose You” and Sam singing “Bamoleo/Hero”. But in the end it seems to fall apart. Comment how you feel about the Samcedes story line.

Because Sue asked Will to help her with her pregnancy, Emma talks to her about how inappropriate it was because they were trying to start a family. At the end of there conversation Emma tells Sue that she thinks having a child will be good for her.

Kurt talks to Finn about picking out colleges that are in New York, but it only leads to him talking about the engagement and how he thinks Finn has given up on his future. Finn thanks him for the talk they had.

Emma gets an unusual amount of pamphlets that help her with her counseling. Will gets overwhelmed with the competition and yells at her. They had their first fight since they got engaged but it was easily resolved after Emma’s pamphlets help Coach Beiste with her football players and even the Big 10 teams.

In between that time Santana and David perform “La Isla Bonita” which was… absolutely awesome! Mr.Shue returns with a Spanish translated “A Little Less Conversation”

Mr. Shue finds out that it was Santana who complained about his teaching but only for Spanish. She still thinks he is a great Glee teacher. Happy Scene:)

Mr.Shue and the Glee club get Principle Figgins to give David a job as the Spanish teacher. Emma gets the 10 Year position.Sue figures out that Becky was the one that sent a complaint about her job, but was okay with it.

Even though there was no Blaine in this episode, it was still a very good one! Comment about what YOU thought of it!

Me as a Gleek

So, I started watching Glee around the time the second season Christmas episode aired on FOX. I was amazed at all of the exciting and unique characters. Seeing Blaine and Kurt singing “Baby it’s Cold Outside” seemed to pull me in, and wanting to learn more about the Rachel and Finn story, I had to see more. Thanks to the Glee website with five of the most recent episodes, I had 5 weeks full of glee episodes to catch up on. Most of them were about the Kurt and Blaine and that is what got me hooked!

You will find out that Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) and Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) are over-all my two favorite characters. Also known as “Klaine” they are one of T.V’s top couples. I mean, WHat Gleek doesn’t like Klaine? Anyway, since those two are the reason of me getting into the show, I’m always excited to watch a Klaine Duet or an up-beat Blaine song.

I have to say, all of the “jaw droppers” this season have kept us all on edge every Tuesday, and we all want to talk abut the awesome dual between Santana and Sabatian. So comment on the Blog about all of the new episodes!